Everyday Kombucha


Yerba Mate Wildberry

Naturally high in antioxidants and just a tad sweet, this wild and wonderful blend of berries is super refreshing and a berry good source of probiotics.

Yerba Mate Lime Mint

The ultimate thirst quencher, this sparkling blend of freshly squeezed lime with notes of fresh mint stirs up nostalgia of your favorite soda without the excessive sugar.

Yerba Mate Lemon Ginger

This exhilarating dance of flavors will energize you with its lively zest of lemon and ginger, mellow richness of turmeric, and spicy notes of cayenne and black pepper.


I love that this is a low sugar alternative to the much sweeter options found in stores. 

Pamela (Washington, DC)

The lime mint is an absolute masterpiece. 

Sarah (Washington, DC)

Both the ginger and the mint add a nice zing. 

William (New York)