Hi, I’m Coach Chris, and I’m a Functional Strength Coach based in Washington, D.C., and Founder of Everyday Wellness Co. We make healthy (and delicious) on-the-go beverages and offer fitness classes and personal training programs that produce life-changing results. 
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The programs we build for our clients are aimed at building functional everyday strength, improving cardiorespiratory health, and developing healthy movement patterns. To clarify, functional strength focuses on building a healthy range-of-motion through your joints and enhancing your everyday performance.  

We train for longevity and want to be able to maintain and improve our everyday strength and mobility throughout life, whether we’re 33 or 93.  


The programs we develop help: 

Build Functional Strength  

Enhance Joint Mobility 

Improve Posture 

Increase Cardiorespiratory Health 

Achieve Healthy Weight 


Where can training sessions take place? 






The first session and class are on us, so there is no reason not to give it a try. We hope to connect with you soon.